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This web site www.extenze.net is the actual authorized ExtenZe affiliate reseller web site for Leading Edge Herbals. We do not use an automated billing system. If you buy ExtenZe once, you will get charged once for the selected ExtenZe product package.

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An official ExtenZe reseller web site will contain a click through link that goes to the main buyextenze.com web site. This is the only website that sells ExtenZe pills online from a United States government approved pharmaceutical company called Leading Edge Health. Be very careful where you purchase ExtenZe pills online because there are fraudulent websites that resell this product in a way where you are offered a free trial of ExtenZe for so many days but when you return the product or try to cancel the order it does not happen and your credit card keeps getting charged over and over month after month until you cancel the credit card itself or submit this to the fraud department.

If a web site only has a form that you fill out to purchase their products (without any options to buy the product by phone or fax) then be aware that some online merchants do not have a real automated shipping and receiving system built into their online operations. Some will go to GNC or other health product shops and purchase these products directly then ship them to you themselves. Simply put - if it's not from extenze.net then do not buy it.

This website sells ExtenZe pills marketed by Leading Edge Health and we are proud to offer you a sixty day guarantee with your purchase. Also when a customer buys ExtenZe pills from this website then they only get charged once on their credit card. There is no automated billing system in use here. If you buy only one product then your credit card will only be charged once as well. This information is available in the terms and conditions on buyextenze.com through our affiliate reseller link (the big ExtenZe graphic above where you have options to buy by phone or fax etc).

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